April 10 Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup

We had two fantastic demos at the Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup in early April. It has been busy since then, just getting around to posting the videos now.


Thank you to AppBuddy for sponsoring and providing the food and drinks, and giving us a live demo of their well-known AppExchange application, GridBuddy. GridBuddy looks like one that any Salesforce administrator who needs to save time should check out — “editable reporting” doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

We also had a demo from Synata, which won the best Enterprise startup at the LAUNCH conference earlier this month. Very interesting new service which allows you to search across all your clouds —  Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Apps, and more.

Thanks to Rackspace as usual for allowing us to use their Racker Rally Room at the San Francisco office, much appreciated.

The videos below are by Aline. For all your video blog needs contact her at 415 377 0245

Marc Aubin, AppBuddy 

Marc Aubin is Co-Founder of AppBuddy, creators of Salesforce apps that help increase Salesforce productivity, user adoption and data quality.  He has been developing on the Force.com platform since 2007 through consulting companies such as Model Metrics, Appirio and Bluewolf, and is a former Force.com developer for Salesforce.com on their own “org 62” instance.  He is a serial entrepreneur in the data management space and lover of working at start-ups, which means he is experienced at doing everything from sales and marketing to project management to operations to making a great cup of coffee.

Marc gave us a demo of GridBuddy, a Salesforce app that introduces the concept of editable reporting.  GridBuddy provides the ability to create multi-object views with cross-object filters, and users can act on the data directly inline and within the context of a particular business process.  The app was released on the AppExchange in November 2010.

Patrick White, Synata

Patrick is a developer and product manager by training, but an entrepreneur at heart. He has worked at numerous startups, and founded several himself. Most notably, he was a Group Product Manager for Fortify Software, and was responsible for products that won such awards as the SCMag Reader’s Trust Award, the Jolt Product Excellence Award, and the Tester’s Choice Award. Patrick is currently the CEO of Synata, the world’s first enterprise cloud search engine, and holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California.

Synata is the world’s first Enterprise Cloud Search Engine – in under 60 seconds, you can sign up, connect your cloud services, and have an extremely powerful search engine running across Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Apps, and many other cloud services. We’re currently looking for Salesforce users to test the service and give feedback.

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