Customer Case Study provides a cross-platform app framework that is the simplest way to build native iOS, Android and web apps using a single HTML5 codebase. The company’s main product, Forge, consists of a JavaScript API that exposes native functionality such as camera access and notifications, along with a set of tools to build your app for each platform that you want to support.


When was preparing to launch Forge, they wanted to have better tools for managing their expanded sales and marketing efforts. And with many developers using their free “Get Started” plan, they wanted to follow up with any customers who were actively using the product.  


“We needed to easily see who was using our product, and how they were using it,” said Amir Nathoo, Co-Founder & CEO. “Ours is a fairly new category, so by engaging with our active customers, we can often help them see how the different parts of our product can have a big impact on their apps.”


CloudAmp started by implementing Salesforce for, and migrating data from their existing Gmail-based CRM. We then set up our DirectEngageTM customer analytics product, which extracts data from’s Amazon RDS backend, pushes it securely via https to CloudAmp’s servers, and then maps it into Salesforce in real-time. can now see how each customer is using their product, in real-time on an account-specific level in Salesforce, and in aggregate to understand trends and opportunities. Each major user action in the Forge software (Package, Generate, Run, Build) is immediately pushed into Salesforce as a new record, and fields in the account show totals for automatically scoring the accounts, and reporting customer activity.


“Before we had an internal web page where we could see a list of active customers,” said Sahil Jain, Co-Founder & CMO. “But with CloudAmp, now we have each customer’s full contact information in our CRM, along with exactly how they are using our software. We can be much more efficient in connecting with customers for sales or customer service.”


To complete the project, CloudAmp built a series of reports and dashboards for, to provide business intelligence that anyone in the company can easily access. With the data integration running continuously in real-time, these reports automatically are updated with the latest data on signup trends, active customers, and other key metrics.


As the sales team explores the functionality of Salesforce, we are assisting with workflow rules to set follow up tasks, and the new data will make it possible to build models of the top customer’s usage patterns. Those patterns can then be used for segmentation reports and predictive models to proactively identify new signups with a high likelihood of becoming high value customers.




CloudAmp helps software companies centralize  customer engagement, usage and account data in their CRM.

Increase your conversion rates, customer retention, and revenue by gaining real-time visibility into how customers are using your App, directly within Salesforce.


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