New Version of Campaign Tracker Released

CloudAmp released a new version of its Campaign Tracker for Google Adwords and Analytics last week. Version 1.6 was launched on April 4, 2013 to address several major feature requests from customers, as well as inquiries from the increasing number of companies who are looking for a replacement for the Salesforce for Google Adwords application. Salesforce for Google Adwords (SFGA) is being shut down on May 1, 2013, so customers currently using it to track Google Adwords results into Salesforce need to find an alternative tracking application.


New Organic, Referral & Direct Tracking

Now you can know the source of every lead directly in Salesforce. The new version of Campaign Tracker  tracks Google Adwords and Google Analytics Campaigns via campaign tagging, plus adds in Organic, Referrer or Direct visitors to your web site. A second dashboard and more than 10 additional reports are included in the new version, to help you make sense of trends in the new data provided. The addition of organic tracking was particularly important to many customers who were replacing Salesforce for Google Adwords with the Campaign Tracker, to provide an equivalent level of Adwords tracking in the transition.



Simpler Implementation

Implementation of the Campaign Tracker outside of Salesforce has also been simplified, and requires only a single line tracking code be added to the pages of your web site. There is no file to host on your site as the tracking technology is now called remotely from a high performance content delivery network (CDN). Best of all, changes to your web-to-lead forms are no longer needed.


Best Value

Campaign Tracker for Google Adwords and Analytics costs just $49 per month per company, with no per-user or per-lead fees. In addition to being the most affordable tracking application for Salesforce, there is a 15 day free trial, during which assistance is available from CloudAmp at no cost, if you have questions or need help setting up or testing the application.


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Current customers interested in upgrading should contact us to discuss the easiest way to update  the app in Salesforce and implement the new code on your web site. Existing cookie code and earlier versions of the app will continue working without interruption however, so we are glad to discuss each individual customer situation and help you decide whether or not you would like to upgrade.

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