May Salesforce Integration and Analytics Meetup Videos

The second edition of the Salesforce Integration and Analytics meetup was held Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at Rackspace’s offices in San Francisco. We had some great networking with beer, wine and Greek food, followed by demos of SnapLogic and Full Circle CRM.

This is a free event and all are welcome. Sign up for future events.

Thanks to Aline at V-ideography for the YouTube videos below.


Whether you are migrating from a legacy CRM system or integrating Salesforce with on-premise or other SaaS applications, SnapLogic’s browser-based drag and drop assembly of Salesforce integrations makes it easy. Use SnapLogic to quickly realize the value of your investment in Salesforce.



Full Circle CRM
Full Circle CRM gives you the answers you need to improve marketing results, drive more revenue, and plan with confidence, right in Salesforce.

Thanks to our sponsors:

SnapLogicCloudAmp, and Rackspace

We are always looking for additional companies interested in presenting or sponsoring the meetup as well.

First Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup

On March 8, 2012 we held the first meeting of the Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup, at Rackspace’s new San Francisco office. We had a good turnout of around 60 people, a mix of those interested in learning more about Salesforce and cloud computing, with veteran Salesforce implementation firms and partners as well. 


After a couple of hours of networking, we had a presentation by David Taber, author of the Prentice Hall book, “ Secrets of Success,” and the CEO ofSalesLogistix, a certified  integrator specializing in improving business processes, policies, and people issues in concert with extending CRM systems.


David gave a talk entitled “What’s your next product? Ask the CRM!” that dealt with how CRM data can drive product strategy, how to best find and analyze the product data in your CRM system, and things to watch out for.


Thanks to our sponsors: CloudAmp (yours truly and the organizer), Rackspace (for providing the office space), and GoodData (for providing food and drinks).


Hope to see you at the next meetup! Sign up here to find out more:

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