Seeking Software Startups who use Salesforce

Say that 5 times fast. 

CloudAmp is looking to talk to SaaS / Web app companies who use 

We are finishing development of our new product that gives you a real-time view into how customers are using your software, directly within Salesforce on an Account specific level. See how individual customers are engaged with your product, and segment for marketing and sales activity by actual usage. 

We’ve completed several early customer implementations, and are looking for more software companies that might be interested participating in our beta program. 

More info:

CloudAmp is just beginning to ramp up, so we are offering highly discounted implementations and pricing. 

At worst, you’ll get some free opinions from our founders on how to optimize your current marketing/sales efforts using Salesforce.

Survey: API Integration Aggravation?

CloudAmp is a data platform for developers that allows you to combine multiple data sources into an instant backend for your web or mobile applications. 

If you face challenges getting data out of multiple web systems using APIs, we would really appreciate your feedback to help us build a better product. 

Whether you are:

  • Expert at coding to APIs, but would gladly give up the hassle if there was an easier way
  • New to APIs and feel like you are staring down the barrel of a gun with all the web apps you need to connect together
  • Would rather not think about APIs, Servers, and centralizing data and just focus on coding the fun parts of your software

Here is our quick 5 question survey, otherwise known as a private beta request form:


Take the Survey

Don’t worry, we won’t spam or otherwise annoy you. Thanks for your help!

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