Feb 5 Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup: Tableau & Bluenose

We had a big crowd despite one of the first rainstorms of the California winter. Great demos by Tableau Software and Bluenose.

Thanks to Tableau Software for sponsoring and Geekdom for hosting the event.


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Ellie Fields,  Senior Director of Product Marketing, Tableau Software

Ellie Fields is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Tableau Software, responsible for new product launch, industry solutions and Tableau’s community. Her data geek credentials come from time served in technology and finance companies. She works with people from all over the world who are trying to tell stories with data, from journalists to hospitals to high tech companies. She’s seen a lot of ugly data, beautiful data, and downright mean data. She’s a passionate believer that data used well can inform, excite and create value. Prior to Tableau, Ellie worked at Microsoft and in late-stage venture capital. She has an engineering degree from Rice University and an M.B.A. from The Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Why do people hate their sales reports? Because too often, they are static, hard to understand, silo’d, and even irrelevant. We’ll take a look at what great sales reporting is and briefly discuss some of the best practices of information design that apply to sales dashboards. We’ll use Tableau Software to show you how to quickly create and modify sales dashboards using data from Salesforce, and how to keep them up to date automatically. We’ll see how to blend other data with your salesforce data, and finally how to embed reports right into Salesforce so your company can have the data where it needs it, to make better decisions.


Don MacLennan
Don MacLennan is co-founder and CEO of Bluenose.  Previously, he has held leadership positions at AVG, RSA and SAP.  He helped build a SaaS company from pre-revenue in 2001 to its sale to SAP in 2006.

Todd Graham
Todd Graham is co-founder and CTO of Bluenose.  Previously, has has held leadership positions at VMware and RSA and is a prior startup founder.

Bluenose provides a customer success platform for SaaS businesses to increase revenue, using predictive analytics to engage at-risk customers and identify drivers of churn.  We will demo our application live, including our Force.com module for sales and account managers.

Oct 17 Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup

We had a big crowd for the October 17, 2012 Salesforce Integration and Analytics Meetup. As usual there was networking from 5-6:30, one of my favorite parts as we draw a diverse group — from Salesforce implementation firms, consultants and Salesforce MVPs / trainers,  to people new to the Salesforce ecosystem — MBA students, people who just arrived in San Francisco, and SAP or business intelligence experts wondering what all the fuss is about. We finished the night with two short demos of the Informatica Cloud, and new startup Ecquire.

Thanks to Informatica for sponsoring the event and providing the food and drinks, and Rackspace for hosting us as usual in their San Francisco offices.

Special thanks to Aline Dinoia of FrenchAmericanTV for taking the videos below.

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Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup10-17-12

Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup10-17-12


About our Speakers

Ashwin Viswanath

Ashwin Viswanath is responsible for platform product marketing for Informatica Cloud. He is an accomplished platform product marketer and product manager with several years’ industry experience in Fortune 500 enterprise software companies such as Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Oracle. Ashwin will be demo’ing Informatica Cloud’s Integration Templates, which is one component of their overall integration PaaS. If we have any time left, he may also demo their basic Data Loader.You can follow Ashwin on Twitter @Ash__V.

Toan Dang

Toan Dang is the Director of Marketing at Ecquire. Ecquire is a new productivity tool that automates data entry to Salesforce and other cloud services. With one click, capture contacts, tasks, and messages from anywhere and send them to the right acount in your CRM. Ecquire automatically creates new contacts, updates existing ones, and logs activities and tasks. Toan will be demoing Ecquire’s integration with Salesforce, and how it can capture data from Gmail, Linkedin, Facebook, & Twitter into Salesforce.

August 23 Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup

We had two great demos and a good-sized crowd for our fourth meetup. The Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup is a free event open to everyone. Greek / Middle Eastern food and beer, wine and soft drinks were provided — thanks to our sponsor Jitterbit!

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Thanks as always to Aline Dinoia from frenchamericantv.com for taking the videos below.

David Brenegan

David Brenegan is the Director of Sales Consulting at Jitterbit. He has over 20 years of enterprise class software engineering experience in SaaS, PaaS, SOA and Cloud Solutions. Prior to joining Jitterbit, David has held positions at IBM Cast Iron, Oracle and BEA Systems.

David Brenegan will introduce us to the next generation Data Loader for Salesforce. This discussion is geared towards Salesforce users who are looking for a solution to quickly and easily move data in and out of Salesforce, as well as synchronize their other cloud and on-premise applications with their CRM. The Jitterbit Data Loader for Salesforce is a free data migration tool that enables Salesforce administrators to quickly and easily automate the import and export of data between flat files, databases, and Salesforce. Also, users will learn how to connect their ERP data with Salesforce, as well as enable business processes between their other cloud and on-premise applications.

Jelle van Geuns
Decisions on Demand

Decisions on Demand provides a simpler and more powerful way to manage business rules in Salesforce. Users edit rules in a spreadsheet, without IT support, and deploy them with a few clicks. With peace of mind, knowing that changes are versioned and can be rolled back easily.

Jelle van Geuns, Founder and CEO of Decisions on Demand, will demo the product, which is currently in private beta and will go live on the AppExchange soon.

Prior to starting Decisions on Demand, Jelle built business rules management solutions for 10 years at ILOG and IBM. He held senior technical leadership positions and specialized in strategic partner integrations, industry solutions and professional services.

July Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup

For the third Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup, we had some great networking followed by two presentations: a Salesforce Joined Report demo from Deepa Patel, Salesforce MVP and owner of Halak Consulting LLC and a Salesforce Streaming API & MuleSoft Demo from David Thomson, Salesforce architect and Integration Strategy Lead for MuleSoft

Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup, July 18, 2012

Thanks to MuleSoft for sponsoring the event and providing food and drinks, to Rackspace for providing the fantastic meeting space in their SF office, and to CloudAmp for organizing the event.

This event is free and open to all. To join the meetup and learn about future events, please click here.

About our Speakers

Deepa Patel

Ms. Patel is a Salesforce.com MVP and owner of Halak Consulting LLC. She has extensive experience implementing Salesforce, as well as knowledge selling software, building partner relationships, consulting on business and technology implementation strategies.  She has built a team of consultants to provide exceptional service to companies of all types, with a particular focus on legal and financial services firms. She worked in the Mortgage Industry for eight years, sold data warehousing software and has been providing business and technical consulting services for the last ten years.

Ms. Patel will be demoing Salesforce’s new joined reports functionality, introduced in the Spring 2012 release, and providing some tricks and tips for using this powerful new format. The joined report format lets you view different types of information in a single report. A joined report consists of up to five report blocks, which you add to the report to create multiple views of your data.

David Thomson

The Salesforce Streaming API enables near real-time processing of data, allowing for new and innovative applications to be built on top of Force.com. MuleSoft is the first company to support the Salesforce Streaming API, and has enabled its use in environments as diverse as Facebook, JP Morgan, and UCSF. In this talk, David Thomson, a long time Salesforce architect and Integration Strategy Lead for MuleSoft, will show what sorts of new applications can be built with the Streaming API.

CloudAmp Presentation at the Freemium Meetup

The Freemium Meetup was held June 14, 2012 at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP in Palo Alto. After an introduction and an overview of Freemium as a business model by Cynthia Typaldos of Kachingle, presentations were given by Don MacLennan of AVG and David Hecht of CloudAmp.

YouTube video of David’s presentation, the slide deck is embedded below as well:

CloudAmp presentation  The Freemium Funnel in B2B Sales:

YouTube video of the entire Freemium Meetup (David’s presentation begins at 48:20 in the video):

May Salesforce Integration and Analytics Meetup Videos

The second edition of the Salesforce Integration and Analytics meetup was held Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at Rackspace’s offices in San Francisco. We had some great networking with beer, wine and Greek food, followed by demos of SnapLogic and Full Circle CRM.

This is a free event and all are welcome. Sign up for future events.

Thanks to Aline at V-ideography for the YouTube videos below.


Whether you are migrating from a legacy CRM system or integrating Salesforce with on-premise or other SaaS applications, SnapLogic’s browser-based drag and drop assembly of Salesforce integrations makes it easy. Use SnapLogic to quickly realize the value of your investment in Salesforce.



Full Circle CRM
Full Circle CRM gives you the answers you need to improve marketing results, drive more revenue, and plan with confidence, right in Salesforce.

Thanks to our sponsors:

SnapLogicCloudAmp, and Rackspace

We are always looking for additional companies interested in presenting or sponsoring the meetup as well.

New CloudAmp DirectEngage Presentation

Check out our DirectEngage product presentation, now slightly less boring with music and animations thanks to SlideRocket.

Do you know… Which Free / Trial Users are your best leads?

What if you could see… Your App’s User and Usage Data, right in Salesforce?

>> CloudAmp DirectEngage Presentation 

(opens in new window, Flash required)


CloudAmp provides Customer Analytics for SaaS companies, directly inside of Salesforce CRM. If you have a trial or free plan, we can show you who your best leads are based on their real-time usage.

Pricing Strategy for SaaS and Services

I was working on a post on how to price services, but then I saw this skit on Portlandia, and since it is Friday…. The great pricing satire starts at 0:58, but the entire four and a half minutes is worth watching. So funny because it is true…

You want the “This Changes Everything” plan!


CloudAmp provides Customer Analytics for SaaS companies, directly inside of Salesforce CRM. If you have a trial or free plan, we can show you who your best leads are based on their real-time usage.

CloudAmp YC W12 Application Video

We got an interview, but did not get in. Can you tell from the terrible pitch?

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