Great Marketing Slogan

I see this truck parked in front of a produce store at 23rd st and Mission a few times a week, and it makes me laugh every time I see it. “Superior Quality, Service & Price, Without Sacrificing Honesty.” What a great, everything and the kitchen sink marketing slogan.

Whoever wrote this slogan sure doesn’t subscribe to the “less is more” school of marketing.

If you have “superior quality, service and price” do you really need honesty? 😉


Pricing Elasticity Fail

Our Apologies. Garage Full.

When your parking garage is full every day by 10 AM, time to test a “new morning special rate.” I hope that special rate was higher. 😉

Pricing Strategy for SaaS and Services

I was working on a post on how to price services, but then I saw this skit on Portlandia, and since it is Friday…. The great pricing satire starts at 0:58, but the entire four and a half minutes is worth watching. So funny because it is true…

You want the “This Changes Everything” plan!


CloudAmp provides Customer Analytics for SaaS companies, directly inside of Salesforce CRM. If you have a trial or free plan, we can show you who your best leads are based on their real-time usage.

CloudAmp YC W12 Application Video

We got an interview, but did not get in. Can you tell from the terrible pitch?

MM seek W or M for Back-End Fun, Python

We need help – Co-Founder Search or Founding Employee:

MM seek W or M for Back-End Fun, Python

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