June 5 Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup

At the June 5, 2013 Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup we had two interesting demos: Captricity, a startup integrating paper / pdf forms to the cloud, and Chartio, part of the new generation of business intelligence and analytics tools.


Thanks to Captricity for sponsoring the event and providing food and drinks, and to Rackspace as usual for allowing us to use their San Francisco office meeting room.

The videos below are by Aline. For all your video blog needs contact her at 415 377 0245

Kuang Chen, Founder and CEO, Captricity

The idea for Captricity came from Kuang’s dissertation research in east Africa, where he built software systems to transform paper forms to structured, machine-readable data. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Enterprise-class Data Capture for Salesforce

Captricity’s data extraction platform feeds paper, fax and pdf forms into Salesforce faster than manual entry and more accurately than OCR.  Captricity+ Paper-to-Cloud handles your most challenging data capture needs with 99% accuracy.  Our unique blend of machine learning and human intelligence ensures that we handle all types of text, including handwriting and human marks.

Start with paper, scans, PDFs, fax, or our mobile app to automatically create digital records from forms.  Map your Salesforce fields to Captricity fields in minutes with no programming. Then, with just a click, data from Captricity flows into your Salesforce account. We handle custom objects, multiple objects, lookups, picklists and more.

During a quick demo, we will run some quick examples of how current users are taking advantage of Captricity+ Paper-to-Cloud to save time and extend their use of the Salesforce platform.

Dave Fowler, Founder, Chartio

Dave Fowler is the founder of Chartio, an award-winning interface to data.  Dave moved to the Bay Area to join Y Combinator and pursue his startup idea of giving a face to data.  Since then, Forbes has named Dave a Forbes 30 under 30 Technology Pioneer, both in 2011 and 2012.   Prior to Chartio, Dave worked at IBM on the processor for Xbox 360 and filed 10 patents. Dave attended Gustavus Adolphus College for his undergraduate work, where he received three degrees in physics, electrical engineering and computer engineering.  He received his masters in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Visualizing Salesforce Data in Chartio

Dave Fowler, founder of Chartio, will demo how to visualize your Salesforce data in Chartio, helping customers have more accessibility to company data and make better business decisions based on easy-to-read charts and dashboards.  Chartio allows customers to view Salesforce data alongside other data sources, see your Salesforce data in charts and dashboards and interact and explore with your Salesforce data.  In addition to the demo, Dave will go over case studies of companies doing this today.

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