CloudAmp Update: New App, New Focus, New Sister Company

New App

CloudAmp’s first App, the Google Analytics Campaign Tracker, launched this week on the Salesforce AppExchange.
Google Analytics Campaign Tracker Dashboard
This simple app shows you where your best leads are coming from, by capturing referral URLs when your web site visitors submit a form. Plus you get a preconfigured dashboard and analytics. Check it out >

New Focus

If I haven’t tried to pitch you recently, in 2012 CloudAmp refocused around the Salesforce ecosystem.

In addition to working on several applications for the Salesforce AppExchange, I’ve been doing a fair bit of consulting, focused on helping Startups use Salesforce CRM to manage their lead funnel, sales processes, and generally make sense of high volumes of inbound inquiries.

Selected CloudAmp Customers
I’ve had a lot of fun working with customers like Iron.ioHeyoTrigger.ioZeroCater, and more. If you know of any early stage companies who could use advice on Salesforce and sales processes, I would appreciate your referrals.  More on our Customers > 

New Sister Company

Just to keep things interesting, in September of this year a friend and I established a new company called AppFrontier, and acquired the established payment processing application Chargent from its developer.
Chargent by AppFrontier
Chargent enables you to instantly charge credit cards directly from inside Salesforce, on a one-time or recurring basis, with no 3rd party integration or terminals required.

With an established customer base of small businesses and nonprofits, we are finding lots of uses for payment processing embedded right inside of opportunities in Salesforce. Visit Now >

CloudAmp’s Google Analytics Campaign Tracker launches on the AppExchange

Today we are proud to announce that CloudAmp’s first application for Salesforce, the Google Analytics Campaign Tracker, has gone live on’s AppExchange.

CloudAmp’s Google Analytics Campaign Tracker lets you know exactly which campaigns and sources are producing your leads. It is designed to capture data from the familiar Google Analytics Campaign URLs  into Salesforce via Web-to-Lead forms, so you can know which leads resulted from which advertising campaigns or web site referrals.

If you tag banners, search engine campaigns, email newsletters or links on external websites with Google Analytics Campaign URLs, when visitors click on those tracked items they arrive on your web site with a referral URL that contains those parameters (utm_campaign=, utm_medium= etc.). Now with the Google Analytics Campaign Tracker, you can capture those values into Salesforce when that visitor submits a web-to-lead form, and forever know how you got that lead.

The Google Analytics Campaign Tracker also contains a dashboard and a number of reports, for a turnkey way of analyzing your data once you start collecting it.

Try CloudAmp’s  Google Analytics Campaign Tracker today, free for 30 days.

Only $49/company/month after the trial.

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