July Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup

For the third Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup, we had some great networking followed by two presentations: a Salesforce Joined Report demo from Deepa Patel, Salesforce MVP and owner of Halak Consulting LLC and a Salesforce Streaming API & MuleSoft Demo from David Thomson, Salesforce architect and Integration Strategy Lead for MuleSoft

Salesforce Integration & Analytics Meetup, July 18, 2012

Thanks to MuleSoft for sponsoring the event and providing food and drinks, to Rackspace for providing the fantastic meeting space in their SF office, and to CloudAmp for organizing the event.

This event is free and open to all. To join the meetup and learn about future events, please click here.

About our Speakers

Deepa Patel

Ms. Patel is a Salesforce.com MVP and owner of Halak Consulting LLC. She has extensive experience implementing Salesforce, as well as knowledge selling software, building partner relationships, consulting on business and technology implementation strategies.  She has built a team of consultants to provide exceptional service to companies of all types, with a particular focus on legal and financial services firms. She worked in the Mortgage Industry for eight years, sold data warehousing software and has been providing business and technical consulting services for the last ten years.

Ms. Patel will be demoing Salesforce’s new joined reports functionality, introduced in the Spring 2012 release, and providing some tricks and tips for using this powerful new format. The joined report format lets you view different types of information in a single report. A joined report consists of up to five report blocks, which you add to the report to create multiple views of your data.

David Thomson

The Salesforce Streaming API enables near real-time processing of data, allowing for new and innovative applications to be built on top of Force.com. MuleSoft is the first company to support the Salesforce Streaming API, and has enabled its use in environments as diverse as Facebook, JP Morgan, and UCSF. In this talk, David Thomson, a long time Salesforce architect and Integration Strategy Lead for MuleSoft, will show what sorts of new applications can be built with the Streaming API.

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